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The Personal Breakthrough

You are not your behaviors.

But you behaviors create your world.

If you are tired of 'trying harder' and ready to get out of your own way, this is for you.

What does it mean to breakthrough?
Profound permanent change. Now.

Whether you see it or not, the only thing in your way is you---and your ability to access the innate abilities and tools you already have inside you.


We call this 'behavioral flexibility'. Your behavioral flexibility is connected to your earliest values, beliefs and emotional states. When you change any of these, your behavior changes with it. Often without trying. 

The fastest way to break through what's in your way is with a “personal breakthrough” program. Your breakthrough focuses on creating specific success in one area of your life. This one area serves as a gateway to deeper beliefs and mental patterns which show up in multiple areas of your life, having an impact well beyond the focus of your goal. YOU create deep and lasting change for yourself. WE create the conditions in which it will happen. The typical process follows these 5 steps.

1. Map YOUR model of the  world. Everyone experiences the world uniquely. Using analytical and linguistic techniques, we build a roadmap that reveals how you think, what’s at the root of your problem and how the value and belief system you inherited from your environment as a young child is driving your actions and thoughts today. Through this process, we bring clarity to problems that have been intractable precisely because they have been either inaccurately or vaguely defined, holding you in a state of hostage or overwhelm.  These are powerful tools you will have for the rest of your life. With this picture, we then build a direct roadmap to create deep and lasting change.

2. Clear limiting beliefs and stuck emotions. We begin with powerful emotional clearing techniques that will quickly and easily free you from unwarranted anger, sadness, doubt, fear, guilt and other major negative emotions from the past so you can act as your most resourceful self, right now. Most clients experience dramatic permanent changes in a matter of hours as a result of this process. Next we address any values and beliefs that are limiting you, or are in conflict with each other and your goals, and permanently remove or modify them to serve you, allowing you to build effortlessly on your strengths. When desired and appropriate, we use complimentary energy practices to reinforce and accelerate discovery, awareness and deepen the benefit of the techniques we use. ​

3. Create a clear picture of your new outcome. We use a very specific goal setting approach to define and clarify what you want, now. Through this, we expose any remaining doubts about getting those goals and feed those back into the process until your success is undeniable in your own mind.

4. Learn how to leverage your unconscious. You will learn about the immense power and essential role of the unconscious mind (also known as the subconscious mind, intuition,  “wisdom of the body” and other names) in enabling full access to your already existing resources and abilities and getting the life that you want. You will learn how to build a relationship with this part of yourself and put it work for you so that you can have what is most important to you in your life. Hypnosis may be used, when desired and appropriate, to accelerate progress and deepen your success.

5. Take action in your life. Once we have cleared the unconscious drivers that have made change difficult and kept you stuck in old patterns you get to create NEW patterns in your day to day life. This becomes easy once the unconscious drivers that were in the way are gone, but still requires commitment, focus, and repetition.  We give you very specific tasks which you must follow and check in regularly to support you in adopting your new behaviors and bringing about your results.​

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