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Rewrite the course of YOUR life


In two weeks you can:

Transform anxiety into confidence and flow,
Go from no boundaries to no bullsh*t
Turn self-criticism and limitation into personal power
Get unstuck from midlife malaise

Do you want to understand how YOU create everything in your life, positive and negative?

Would it be useful to become aware of what your deep mind actually believes and how it drives your behavior most of the time without your awareness? 

Do you want to rapidly and permanently release negative emotions and limiting beliefs and program your mind to work for you, rather than against you?    

The Mercury Method™ breakthrough process enables you to overcome procrastination, indecision and other limiting beliefs and unlocks confidence, focus, flow and new self-understanding in just 4-5 sessions. 

The Mercury Method can make a big impact, extremely fast.  

Would you like to turn off the voice in your head that says “you can't” or “you’re not good enough” or “your don’t deserve that”? 


Would you like access to your full creativity, inspiration and joy?  


You are capable of so much more than you even realize, but your mind is holding you back as it does its best to keep you safe.  


 If you want to truly be empowered, you need to send a message to your deep mind that you want access to all the power you already have.

The Mercury Method rewrites content of the deep mind to release anxiety, stress, overwhelm, so you can be the best version of yourself and create impact in your life and in those around you.  


We utilize a unique combination of modalities to quickly arrive at the source of what is limiting your power, your confidence, your vibrancy, and driving the behaviors you want to change. In just 12-15 hours this process will upgrade your deepest beliefs about the world and yourself, instantly change how you experience and respond to yourself and others, and unlock an inner power that has always been inside of you, waiting to come out.

Take the first step for free with a root cause diagnostic session. In this consult, we’ll use a specific challenge or pattern of self-limitation to uncover how your mind uniquely decided that it needed to keep you safe by NOT fully self-expressing all your gifts.  

The goal of the consults will be to rapidly unpack the way that your mind is creating this reality for you. We can rapidly show you how your mind is creating the problem and how your mind can instantly stop creating it, forever.


You will walk away with clarity about where and how your mind is working against you and a concrete and actionable plan to change that.  Personal transformation doesn’t have to be a long and difficult process - we guarantee it.


What you can expect from a breakthrough

You will get the following from the breakthrough process:

chat (1).png

Create penetrating insight into your true personality and “energetic fingerprint”, the real “core drivers” operating in your deep mind, and how they create the negative impacts in your life that you want to break through.

list (1).png

A map of your core drivers to the early life experiences that created them and later life experiences that reinforced and strengthened them. Conscious awareness of these drivers will allow you to have greater insight into other challenges and other areas of life.


Unlock and unblock your energy, creativity and flow by rewriting and releasing the negative impacts of these life events and any associated trauma.


Amplify and accelerate getting what you want using secrets of how the deep mind creates your life.


Learn to utilize tools to continue to map and integrate your conscious and unconscious minds, so you can continue to catalyze your own personal growth.



In the more than two decades we have been coaching and studying ancient and modern wisdom, we have discovered simple but phenomenally powerful mind tools and timeless, easy to practice wisdom.  We tailor what we teach during the breakthrough process to your unique situation and needs. 

To get you the most benefit, the breakthrough approach is very precise and focused on getting results that matter most to you.  This is not a “one size fits all” approach - it is highly tailored to your unique challenges, goals and life experience. 


We guide you every step of the way through the following steps of the breakthrough process:


Before we begin, you will watch an orientation video that introduces many of the unique principles and practices of the mind that you will work with. Through an intake self-reflection questionnaire and guidance in the intake session, we will guide you in reflection across all areas of your life to identify problems, challenges and to define what you really desire. You will select a very specific professional or life challenge to break through and the observable outcomes that you want to achieve. 


We will have directed conversations to uncover the deep root causes that create the specific problems or limitations you are addressing.  We use powerful linguistic, somatic and hypnosis techniques to go far below surface beliefs to get the deep root causes, which are creating negative impacts in multiple areas of your life. 


We build a prioritized, personalized plan for the release of your specific negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and traumas. The plan optimizes for the greatest impact on both your chosen problem and also that will create a positive impact in other areas of your life.


Throughout the process, we will provide writing prompts to deepen your awareness of the deeper relationships between life events, your core drivers and how you create your problems.  These are a necessary part of the process.  You can expect to spend 1-2 hours before each session to do the writing work in an effective way.  The more you bring into awareness, the more your mind is typically able to release and rewrite.  Clients who have spent longer on deep reflection on the prompts between sessions, typically get more impactful results.  We then integrate any new awareness into the breakthrough plan.


Everything has been building up to this. Using a sophisticated combination of hypnosis and mind integration techniques, we release and rewrite your mind’s understanding of your past. This changes how your mind experiences and responds to triggers, creates ‘space’ to make different choices, and allows you to recognize possibilities and opportunities that you could not previously see. As you release outdated survival strategies and beliefs what remains is your essential nature. It is from this space that you can call in and create a vision that is aligned with your true self.


We review your desired outcomes, revise as needed, ensuring they are coming from your true desires, and not from external influences or fears.  We then frame them in the specific, measurable SMART format. Finally, working with your unconscious mind’s internal projection of your future, we “program” your deep mind with your goals and vision that will guide your unconscious to work for you day and night to create what you truly want. 


We create your Atlas of Me, a unique map of challenges & goals, language patterns, early life experiences & memories, unconscious values, unique root cause beliefs, personal images and “metaphors” - the drivers that affect most if not all areas of your life.  We also provide the learnings you have gotten as you release and rewrite the past. In your ongoing personal development, your Atlas of Me is an invaluable tool for guiding self-awareness of how your mind is REALLY operating.  We also work with you to create strategies to take bold action and strengthen and amplify your results. 


Even “simple” tools take practice to maximize their value - after your breakthrough process, we offer tactical support and services in both individual and group contexts to support you implementing your strategies, and the principles and practices you have learned.  

Why try to manage your triggers when you can erase them?

The results are immediate. Because you will release and rewrite directly in the deep mind, you don’t have to do daily practices or work hard to make change.   Most clients immediately experience noticeable physical changes - relief from anxiety, a feeling of heightened energy and “glow”, ease of listening, remaining calm in situations that were triggering, and greater presence and awareness of people’s emotions and situational dynamics.

The breakthrough process is surprising because you may not even be aware that you are instantly behaving differently.  Many clients have said “I can’t believe I ever felt or behaved that way” and yet their self-reflection writing and our session notes show how much incredible change has happened. 



a woman in her early 40s was stuck. Her career had stagnated and her intensely negative relationship with money, plus extreme self-doubt, stopped her from asking for the compensation or roles she wanted. Halfway through the breakthrough she was able to negotiate for a different role with higher compensation. After the breakthrough she decided to end her contract and start her own purpose driven business, something she had been dreaming about for years but before the breakthrough, hadn’t been confident enough to pursue.


a man in his mid 40’s, was struggling with a divorce and frequent anger with his kids. No matter how much he loved his kids and promised himself not to lose his temper, he kept doing it again and again. After the breakthrough, it no longer even came to him to get angry and he was able to show up as the loving patient man he truly was, transforming his relationship with his kids in just weeks.


a man in his late 40’s - career choices had led him to a dead end.

  • You have full permission to want more.
    You can enjoy the life you’ve built AND desire to experience even more. We help you experience ALL this life has to offer.
  • The holistic approach is the only one that works.
    Many of our clients have done a ton of personal development and leadership training. Most only focus on one specific area and then you’re left wondering why those results were short term. We approach transformation from the brain to the spiritual, giving you a thorough change that adjusts things on every level.
  • No, this isn’t all there is.
    If you’re asking yourself, “is this all there is?!” it means you’re being called to create something else in this lifetime. We help you figure out what that is.
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    If you’re asking yourself, “is this all there is?!” it means you’re being called to create something else in this lifetime. We help you figure out what that is.
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    If you’re asking yourself, “is this all there is?!” it means you’re being called to create something else in this lifetime. We help you figure out what that is.
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    If you’re asking yourself, “is this all there is?!” it means you’re being called to create something else in this lifetime. We help you figure out what that is.
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    If you’re asking yourself, “is this all there is?!” it means you’re being called to create something else in this lifetime. We help you figure out what that is.
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