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Time Freedom for Working Parents and Entrepreneurs

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If you are so busy that even reading this is a stretch, you may be wondering how managing ‘it all’ is even possible... 

The answer is:
it’s not.

The fastest path to stop stressing and start being present in your life, and with your kids, without sacrificing your financial independence, is through radical delegation and unapologetic prioritization of what really matters. 

The tactics and skills needed to do this are easy and straightforward.

The real problem is not TIME. It’s the the expectations we have about what we are supposed to do and how much we do ourselves. These drive the CHOICES we are making about how we spend our time and then how we feel about those choices once we've made them.

In other words, the hardest part of this process is mindset: the values, beliefs, and behaviors that drive you to take on so much, what success 'means' about you, fear of failure or letting people down, feeling unworthy of paying for help, and difficulty in trusting others to take over things that you are used to doing yourself. 

It’s that same mindset that makes it difficult to slow down and connect with your kids when you do have time. If any of this sounds familiar, this is the program for you. 

This program is perfect for anyone who:
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Is a working parent or wants the option to keep working after you have kids
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Is balancing multiple contexts (household, finances, relationship, kids, work)
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Wants to be ready for the added responsibilities that come with parenthood
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Is willing and able to delegate and pay for support
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Has ADHD or difficulty managing lots of different things at the same time
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Struggles with consistency
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Has their own business or side hustle
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Identify opportunities to save time and energy and build a phased roadmap to reclaim 10-30 hours of your week
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Help you set up support systems and hire help for time-consuming and draining tasks in your personal and professional life
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Teach you the communication skills you need to say no to current and future commitments, ask for help, and manage your support team
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Address the mindset that stops you from slowing down, being present, and putting yourself and your kids first 


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We work on the root causes of busyness and overwhelm, not just the symptoms
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We work with the deep mind to get to the unconscious drivers that get in the way of being able to slow down and be present
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We look at everything through the lens of energy as well as time because when what you do energizes you, life gets real good real fast


A blended program of
Forever access to:

6 modules of pre-recorded videos, tools and templates that you can follow at your own pace

A community of coaches and peers to support you 

Plus a 6-month membership to:

Weekly live support calls to help you implement your plan, practice new skills, and work through mindset challenges. Just come when you need help.

Quarterly workshops to rewire the unconscious drivers that hold you back

Quarterly 1:1 calls to ensure you are getting the most out of your time

Most participants start seeing results after just one week.

By the end of this program you can expect:
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Significant time savings as you have offloaded many repetitive, low value or draining tasks to capable support and automated systems
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Increase in energy as you spend more time on what energizes you
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A dramatic increase in calm and ability to slow down
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Greater ability to prioritize the people and things that matter most to you
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A more connected relationship with your kids as you learn to show up in ways that feel good to them




Module 1: Your Path to Balance

Right away, you'll lay the foundation for your Time Freedom Machine. Through a visioning exercise and the Time Balance Sheet, you'll quickly identify key behaviors and create an action plan to reclaim energy and time, setting the stage for the entire program.

Module 2 - The Hidden Roadblocks Slowing You Down

In Module 2, we'll dive into understanding the challenges in implementing change by analyzing the resistance and unconscious beliefs shaping your decisions and current reality and gain tools to manage emotions and roadblocks.

Module 3 - Designing Your Time Freedom Machine

In this module you will explore the different types of game changing support that you might engage from domestic services, to child care to financial management to personal assistance. We will help you decide which level of support is right for you, where to start and what your options are. We will also give you time and energy hacks to add to your ideas that have saved other parents hundreds of hours, and go over the essential habits you need to adopt to ensure you are physically and mentally able to show up and feel the way you want. 

Module 4 - Saying Yes, No and Asking for What You Want

In this module we'll equip you with the vital communication skills AND practice most of us never got growing up. You will learn how to build connection and trust by saying no, asking for help and expressing yourself honestly.  This will be a necessary skill set to implement elements of your roadmap that involve changing agreements with other people, and delegating effectively. Additionally, you'll experience the energy unlock of taking responsibility and the power of a genuine apology.



Module 5 - Build Your Dream Team

If your time machine includes bringing in outside support, we will walk you through the process of designing your job descriptions, the recruiting and selection process and how to prepare for your support person to succeed. You will also have the option to work with a VA agency if you prefer that path. We will give you strategies for communicating and managing expectations in both directions to set your team up for success.

Module 6 - Build Systems and SOPs for your Life

In this module we will go over common systems that you can set up to make things run smoothly,  I’ll share some of my personal templates and techniques,  and I’ll show you a simple but powerful way to document the ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ of your life. Think of it as the operation and maintenance manual for the time machine you are building that will allow family members to take over, onboard and train new hires and as time goes by, remember what needs to be done and how.  

Module 7 - Onboard, Train and Manage Your Team

You’ve already laid the groundwork for your support team to succeed, but what does this really look like in the day to day? How much time should you expect to be spending? How do you know how remote team members are spending their time and how do you handle it when they aren’t delivering what you actually want or need? In this module we cover common scenarios and give you the mindset and skill set you need to get the results you want in a way that feels great for both of you and lay the foundation for a lasting working relationship that gets better with time. 




Mark your calendars for this quarterly workshop, where we make lasting change to how you experience your life and the people in it. In this group workshop, you wil rapidly and permanently release negative emotions and limiting beliefs and program your mind to work for you, rather than against you. 


Making change in this program is likely to bring up resistance. And It’s that resistance that holds the key to your inner freedom because it points us toward the negative beliefs and judgments that are operating below the level of the conscious mind. These are the compulsions, reactions and fears that we know aren’t rational but we can’t just seem to stop. 


Instead of having the energy or willpower to stay calm when you get triggered, imagine if those triggers were just gone. That’s what the breakthrough does. Our signature process rewrites content of your deep mind to release anxiety, stress, and overwhelm, so you can be the best version of yourself in your life and with those around you.  


Throughout this program, you have access to group coaching and implementation calls where you will get live support in setting up your system and practicing new skills.


The Weekly implementation calls are designed to help you with anything that comes up as you go through the materials and work through the process.


If you can’t join a call, you can submit your question ahead of time and we will answer it live on the call so you can watch the recording later.


The Monthly Communication practice calls are a safe space to practice new ways of connecting and communicating so that you can transform your relationships and how you express yourself with others.

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