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Parenting The Unconscious Fundamental Course




15 Weeks


About the Course

During this 4 month transformative journey, you will make immediate changes in the areas of connection, overwhelm, life balance, and your relationships. You will be given a mirror to your own unconscious filters and behaviors and a pathway for making change at the unconscious level so you can release your negative patterns for good, show up fully and create the kind of relationships that last a lifetime, rooted in trust, respect and joy. You will also get a foundational understanding of the mind so that you can confidently navigate parenthood and equip your kids with the resources they need to live their own lives magnificently.

Parenting the Unconscious Fundamentals Course happens over 4 months with one weekly 90 minute learning session (live and recorded) and one 60 group coaching call where we answer questions, do additional practical exercises, and provide coaching on using this in your family.


When: May 31-Sep 7, 2022

Learning—Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30 PM PST

Practice—Thursdays, 5:00-6:00 PM PST


Online Webinar from the comfort of your own home or office - webinar link will be sent to you when you register.

If you can't make it to the live learning sessions, you can watch the recordings! NOTE: This is not theory - this course has applied principles and practice that are essential to getting the best results. Therefore, regular attendance at the group coaching practice session is essential to get the most out of the course.



Unlock the unconscious Gain a foundational understanding of the powerful role of the unconscious mind in memory, values, beliefs, behavior and emotions so that you can reinforce your child’s natural confidence and self trust while avoiding common parenting pitfalls that undermine your child’s innate self worth.

Connect & be present

Reveal the physical and mental secrets behind deep connection that you can apply with your family right away and avoid the typical ways we break unconsciously connection with those we love most.

Restore balance to your life

Give you tools to manage overwhelm and restore yourself to a state of calm so you can handle the very things that are causing it. Then guide you through a process to restore balance in your own life, get hours of your week back, and amp up the energy, joy and meaning in your day to day.

Meet your child’s needs

Teach the essential components of human motivation and psychological well being, rooted in decades of research, so that you can quickly identify the root of challenges and desires in your children and ensure that their fundamental psychological needs are being met.

Support healthy development and set right expectations

Share a powerful model of human development that underpins behaviors and values in children and adults so that you can support your children’s development and avoid accidentally holding them back.

Be the best version of yourself

Surface YOUR personal, unconscious values, beliefs and filters so that you can understand the unique drivers, motivators that underpin your current way of engaging with and creating your world.

Communicate with the Unconscious

Learn how to harness the power of your unconscious mind to create what you want without, and give you a practical tool kit for communicating with others in a way that is easy for them to receive.

Empower your kids

Connect your learnings to the underlying principles of many popular parenting approaches so that you can adapt them to work in your family. Recognize, value, and parent the child you have and redefine your role as a parent. Recognize and protect your children (and yourself) from psychological harm and manipulation by self interested and exploitative individuals and organizations.

Tools to teach kids

Learn and apply practical tools for working with your children's unconscious minds to support their healthy mental & emotional development, self confidence, empowerment, self-expression and independence, and give them the tools to do it for themselves.

Co-create Your Family Culture

Translate your insights into action while aligning with your family members to create a set of values, celebrations and norms that define your family’s cultural thumbprint.

Your Instructor

Jlove Carey

Jlove Carey

Jennifer (Jlove) believes that everyone can and should live a life full of meaning and joy--and that we are each called to bring our unique gifts into the world. She uses her background of coaching, training and consulting in experience design, positive psychology and the unconscious mind to free parents from limiting beliefs to reclaim their lives and create family environments that are positive and balanced.

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