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Miki's Experience

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"I was doing work, that wasn't that fulfilling and I couldn't see a clear path to successfully get out of that. I had some idea of where I wanted to go instead, but I wasn't that clear. I also felt like I couldn't make progress on things, so I just felt stuck a lot.


There were a lot of really big decisions in my business in my life that needed to be made. And I felt really spun out, like I didn't have the trust in my own  judgment.


Jen has such a wide range of tools and skills to be able to draw from. These are really thorny issues.  They're really hard, deep seated things in our subconscious to try and move through. It was really great to be able to move through those blocks really very fast. I've done a lot of personal work over the years, and this was very supercharged compared to a lot of other kinds of work that I've done. 

here were a lot of things that I wished I were doing more with my son that I had given up to work.

A really big one was cooking and having a relationship with food and cooking. It’s something my dad taught me and making time to cook with him, you know, in the evenings, on a regular basis, has been really special. 


It was interesting to see that I really even couldn't think about what I wanted long term, until I had gotten those hindering beliefs out of the way. So it's not surprising that I was feeling confused and stuck.


I had a lot of beliefs around what made me valuable—I needed to perform in a certain way, do things perfectly, hold space for other people's emotions, but not have them myself, be a good hostess, serve other people, take care of everyone, say the right thing that wouldn't offend anybody, and sound smart, and be coherent. And I only had one chance and if I didn't do those things that I wasn't worthy of attention, or love, or companionship or connection. 


Letting go of those beliefs has created space for me to just follow whatever has heart and meaning. I'm willing to do things that might have felt really risky before or to just experiment with things because I'm interested in them rather than feeling like they need to be perfect, like I need to have it all figured out, or I need to know how to monetize it. 


The breakthrough work was really powerful, and also really fast. Once we had cleared out some of those big negative emotions, like fear and hurt, it was impressive how quickly I could see a change—like physiologically and emotionally and in how I was reacting to things. 


The process allows you to go back to moments that are difficult and potentially traumatic, but in such a way where you're not living it, and you're not having this big emotional experience. I didn't even tell them what was going on. 


It felt really affirming because those learnings were always inside of me, that was wisdom that I already had. It's about giving you access to this wisdom that's inside of you—in a really targeted fast way.


There's less tension in my relationships and inside of me with people in my life that tended to trigger me in the past. I'm able to hear things that would have gotten under my skin or made me feel disrespected, and just laugh it off and say, ‘that's okay. That doesn't make sense to me, or like, that's not working for me’. 


I take a lot fewer things personally. And I can kind of just let people be who they are the way they are, without it having to reflect on me or mean something about me. And that gives me a lot more space and energy to focus on how I want to show up in the world."

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