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We are out to unlock the potential of high impact people---parents, entrepreneurs & leaders. 

Who are you impacting?

We are parents just like you...

The Mercury Family

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We wanted to connect deeply with our kids, build trust and empower them to value themselves and follow their dreams. Yet, for years, this was a real challenge.


Our kids didn't act the way we expected them to or respond the way people said they would.


They were sensitive, uncooperative, prone to significant outbursts and struggled with focus and impulse control (ADHD).

So we read best selling parenting books, studied developmental and positive psychology and attended workshops, trainings and conferences with academics and experts specialized in the needs of children. We worked with therapists, parent coaches, clinical psychiatrists and brain experts, but most of the time we still didn’t know how to navigate the day to day.

We could hear the voices of our parents coming out of our mouths and were repeatedly losing our cool over small stuff. It really sucked. We were all suffering.

Then we discovered what no-one was talking about that made everything finally make sense! 

The unconscious mind is the seat of all behavior, emotion and belief. AND there are simple tools that allow you to change it! 

As soon as we started making change at the level our problems originated---our own unconscious minds---our family transformed so dramatically and rapidly that we decided to learn everything we could about it. Since then we’ve been using these powerful mind tools and embodied practices with our clients to accelerate their personal development and growth right along side our own family. 


We've watched our clients go from stressed out, anxious and struggling to connected, fearless and thriving. We have watched them transform their relationships with their kids, partners, their professional and economic situations. 

As parents, we now enjoy the connection with our kids we once craved and have watched their behaviors transform and confidence blossom, while as a couple we have grown closer and are collaborating better than we have in our 25 years together! 

We believe every parent deserves to know how to access their best self and create an environment that directly supports the wellbeing of everyone in their family.


We wish we had learned all of this a lot sooner---We don't understand why many of these tools are virtually unknown or why the basic facts about how the mind works and what’s needed for psychological well being are not being routinely taught to parents everywhere.


We are out to change this forever. Together we can transform lives, families and the lives of generations to come. 

We transform the lives of children by transforming the behaviors of parents.


Your Guides

Jennifer Love Carey


Ryan Murray

Jlove is a parent and a certified practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy™, and 2nd Degree Usui Reiki.

She has studied and trained teams in human behavior and motivation for the past 20 years working in the fields of experience design, consulting, organizational design and culture.


Her passion is understanding man's connection with the divine and the unique life journey each person is on.

She is also a certified Coach-sultant™ with Delivering Happiness, a global culture consultancy committed to creating happier lives using the principles of positive psychology.

Ryan is a parent, master practitioner and trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™, as well as a master practitioner and initiator in Hawaiian shamanistic practices.


With more than 20 years experience transforming large scale organizations, advising fortune 500 executives, and building a $200 million consulting practice, Ryan brings together a broad array of skills and knowledge from a wide variety of studies and life experience to create immediate and powerful impact for clients who are committed to producing results in their lives in the areas of career, relationships and parenting. 

Ryan graduated from Duke University with honors with a BS in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Ethics. 

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