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How to Recognize Your 'Authentic Self'

recognize authentic self
How to recognize your authentic self

In the press of work, family, finance, and all the noise and distractions of the day-to-day, so many of us lose our way, only to wake up at some point, as if from a dream, and realize that we are not the person we hoped to become.

A common question our clients have then is, ‘who am I, really'? and 'what is the authentic self'?

What is the 'Authentic Self'?

Rediscovering your unique authentic self is the act of recognizing: where you are motivated by love rather than fear; what and how you love to create,;and what and how you love to experience the world.

Motivation. Creation. Experience.

There is no right or wrong way to be, only ways that feel good or bad, ways that serve our well-being or do not, and ways that serve the well-being of the whole or do not. When all three align this is the path to follow.

What feels good tends to align with a few fundamental truths that have been identified across time and culture.

Paraphrased those truths are something like this:

  • There is one force and substance that creates and sustains the universe. Call it God, energy, life breath, even electricity. These are all different words, forms, and lenses for the same source of all things.

  • This source is a creative force that has a quality to it that we call ‘Love’.

  • Everything around you is a unique one-time expression of that force, which is love.

  • You are a unique one-time-only expression of that force.

  • We are born loving ourselves.

  • We are born loving everyone and everything as we love ourselves.

  • This state is one of pure joy.

  • All of creation is continuously moving and changing form, at different rates.

  • You are constantly moving and changing form.

  • Pure joy comes through creating from love, and then experiencing what has been created.

  • The senses through which we perceive give us an indirect experience of creation.

  • Direct experience of the creative force can only be found within.

  • Negative forces, or ‘evil’ are always forces of illusion - misinterpretation or misunderstanding of creative expression.

  • The moment this expression is understood correctly, the illusion of evil disappears. Or more simply put—there is no Evil, only Illusion.

Again—Rediscovering your unique authentic self is recognizing where you are motivated by love, what and how you love to create, and what and how you love to experience the world.

Sometimes being able to recognize what is YOU and what is NOT YOU requires releasing misinterpretations that have limited your ability to experience and trust in these truths.

Another way to get a peek into your authentic self is through your astrology chart.

When your chart is dialed into the exact time and place you were born, it creates a shockingly accurate picture of how your energy flows.

We’ll write more on this in the coming weeks.

What thoughts or questions come up in this reflection? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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