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Children Are the Force for Our Own Transformation

Divinity is your birthright.

It is your children’s birthright. Our children channel the spirit of God and remind us of our own oneness with all of Creation. We feel it, even if we do not consciously know it.

The creative act is the force of God, Source, Life, and Spirit flowing through us. We know it to be true. To know the Divine is beyond words, just as the profound experience of parenting is beyond words.

And simply, there is only love and illusion.

We feel the force of love so powerfully for our children that we would do anything for them. This is the very force we need to transform ourselves. This transformation is what brings us into our next level of energetic and spiritual being.

To become a parent is to be confronted by ghosts, generational karma, and one's deepest fears. You can avoid, deflect, pass them on to your child, and pay the price in this life and in the next.

Or you can receive this challenge as a gift—a reflection of your darkest self and unfinished karma paired with the love you need to transform, temper, and purify by facing it and moving through.

This path is yours alone. No one can take it for you.

And in taking that path, you know yourself to be love, to be divine, and to be one with the force of creation itself.

Make this choice and you receive its intrinsic rewards in this life and in the next.

This is the divine gift of parenthood.

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