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An 11 Week Journey to Unleash your Energy & Renew Your Space

This journey of inner and outer release is specifically designed for seekers who are ready to cut the clutter, refresh their energy, step into the present, and make space for the new.

11 Weekly 60 minute Zoom sessions followed by optional 60 minute coaching & support sessions 

Tuesdays, May 16-August 1,  12pm PST /2pm CST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT / 9pm CET

Overloaded and Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling stuck, surrounded by clutter, or struggling to stay focused?


Does your home feel chaotic and uninspiring??


Do you have a hard time letting go of things you know you don’t need?

It’s time to shift that energy, renew your space and cut those ropes holding you down.
All with a committed tribe cheering you on!

Key Outcomes from This Masterclass

Increased energy and flow in body, home and spirit

Simplicity, clarity and calm in your space and mind

Deeper understanding of who you truly are, what's holding you back, and what energizes and drains you

Ability to release what no longer serves, restore relationships and dreams that matter, and reconnect with your authentic self

 $497. Register by May 20.

Bring a friend for $200 more

Spots are limited.

Buddha Statue

Fast Action Bonus: Enroll by May 14 and receive free access to the Inner Sanctuary Creation set where you will be guided hypnotically to create a space for manifesting your dreams and building a deeper connection to your higher self.

What are you holding onto?

It's SPRING! Time to clear the clutter from your home AND your mind leaving you with more energy and flow, inner and outer calm and the space to create.


In this one-of-a-kind program, we'll follow Marie Kondo’s “life changing magic of tidying up” and guide you step-by-step through a life-changing decluttering process that goes well beyond the book. 


As you transform your home, you will use your resistance as a tool to reveal and rewire your deeper fears and beliefs around scarcity, loss, self worth, identity, relationship and dreams yet unlived. During Week 9, our signature process will guide you in rewiring your deep mind to let go of unhelpful beliefs and emotions.


You'll experience the joy of releasing attachments, inviting in  positive energy to flow, making space for new opportunities, and connecting with like-minded friends on the same journey. 


So, are you ready to let go of those energy drains that no longer serve you and transform your home into a place of tranquility and joy?


Join us!

Course Format

Real change comes from consistent, hands-on experience. That's why we've designed our course to include a mix of practical activities and reflective exercises to support your personal growth journey:

  • Weekly Reading: Follow Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" as our guide throughout the course.

  • Weekly Live Zoom Sessions: Attend 1-hour live sessions each week, followed by an optional 60-minute Q&A to address any questions or challenges.

  • Journaling Homework: Reflect on your experiences and resistance to letting go, helping you uncover deeper beliefs and emotions around scarcity, relationships, identity, and loss.

  • Weekend Decluttering: Dedicate your weekends to decluttering and hauling away items, applying the week's lessons and making tangible progress in your space.

  • Optional Accountability Group: Connect with a supportive group of like-minded peers to hold each other accountable, share experiences, and provide encouragement.

  • Group Breakthrough: In week 9 we'll, come together (virtually) for a half-day group breakthrough session to to rewire your mind and release the fear driving your attachments and resistance. This is a group version of our signature program that we usually only offer 1:1 to premier clients. This rarely offered group session alone is a $500 value.

  • After Party: We'll wrap up the program by celebrating successes, sharing before and after photos, and acknowledging the growth and transformation of each participant.

Led by passionate coaches with a flair for making transformation fun, this course combines practical decluttering strategies with powerful personal development techniques to ensure lasting change. 


 You'll also gain access to a vibrant community who share your quest for intentional living and manifesting their dreams.

What We Will Do

Week 1

Kickoff & Planning

Set yourself up for success and establish your support tribe

Week 2

Clothes & Self Image

Declutter your closet and get intentional about how you show up

Week 3

Books & Identity

Declutter your library and reveal who you truly are, who you think you ought to be and who you are not

Week 4

Papers, Digital Files, Office Supplies & Mental Disorder

Release the office clutter, get organized and unlock productivity

Week 5

Komono: Living Spaces, Bedrooms & Attachment

Bring harmony back into your living spaces and surface scarcity and fear of loss.

Week 6

Komono: Kitchen, Pantry, Office & Scarcity

Declutter your working spaces and let your productivity flow.

Week 7

Sentimental Items & Regrets

Let go of the things that no longer serve or bring you joy, connect to what you are really holding onto.

Week 8

Photos, Memorabilia & Relationships

Celebrate, mourn and let go of the past so that you can be fully in the present. 

Week 9

Release Attachments & Regrets (with Ryan)

Release the unconscious beliefs that make it difficult to let go of what you no longer need.

Week 10

Release the Rest

Go through anything you couldn't let go of before and set it (and yourself) free.

Week 11

Results After Party

Celebrate your wins, share your 'after' photos, and declare your next steps.

Your Guides

Jennifer 'JLove' Carey

With a heart for guiding others on their unique life journeys, Jlove is dedicated to helping people live with intention, purpose, and a keen awareness of their blind spots and unhelpful patterns. With over two decades of experience in technology, consulting, corporate culture, and positive psychology, she's a master at unlocking human potential.


Jlove holds certifications in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy™, 2nd Degree Usui Reiki, and is an ordained minister. Her down-to-earth approach and genuine passion for personal growth make her an invaluable guide on your transformative journey.


Ryan Murray (Week 9 Guest Coach)

Fueled by a desire to create positive change, Ryan has spent over 20 years advising large organizations and Fortune 500 executives, and built a $200 million consulting practice. Today, he uses his results-driven mindset to help individuals tap into their potential and elevate their lives.


Ryan is a master practitioner and trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™, and Hawaiian shamanistic practices. He holds a BS in Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Ethics from Duke University. Combining his vast experience with a frank and direct teaching style, Ryan is committed to empowering others to harness the power of their minds and create lasting change.

Risk-Free Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, we'll provide a full refund, no questions asked. 

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