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Chris' Story

Chris G. Testimonial

Chris G. Testimonial

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Chris had hit a wall with his parenting. He had spent the last several years actively pursuing a path of personal growth and was committed to living with intention. Although his highest priority was being a loving, connected and supportive father, and he was making a concerted effort, he still found himself ‘stuck in a loop’ with his oldest son, getting angry with him when he struggled with homework.  After a weekend-long intensive with us he released a lifetime of stored anger and frustration as well as a number of limiting beliefs he didn't even realize he had. The next day he was able to laugh with his kids about things that used to make him angry. After one more session, he reached his goal. That same week, his youngest child told him that they (kids) all used to dread being with him because he yelled so much, but now, he was different and they looked forward to being together. This new way of being spilled over into all the other areas of his life, with clients and colleagues. A few of the other unexpected results he got were a significant drop in blood pressure (blood pressure is linked to anger) and a 12 pound weight loss without making any conscious changes to his diet. 

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