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A 5 day intensive for parents who want to get their time back and start loving how they spend it.

Take back your life starting with your relationship to time so you can slow down, focus on what's important and savor those moments you have now.

Are you tired of running?

Do you feel overwhelmed, time crunched and rushed much of the time?

Are you struggling to balance parenting, work, partnership and money?

Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself or forgotten what you even want anymore?

Get hours of your week back and transform your understanding of time.

Key Outcomes from This Masterclass

Princess Dad

...Plus I'll share my top 3 time hacks to recover hundreds of hours every year.

2+ hours of your time back each week

A game plan for transforming how experience your time

More energy to take on the things you care about

A new understanding of yourself and your choices

Life is out of balance. Why?

For most people, life feels out of balance, like there's never enough time.


Things like people-pleasing, worrying about what others think, how much responsibility we are comfortable with, how we really want to spend our time, what brings meaning, our relationship to authority---all of these contribute to the choices we make about time and how we experience it.


Once we have kids, the stakes go WAY up and with it, so do the pressure and stress levels.

But here’s the thing—this ISN'T a parenting problem, it’s a human problem.


Parenting just turns up the volume on the noise that was already there when we started. Parenting isn't the real problem, the noise is.


So if you don’t have kids, and that makes you wonder if this is still for you, apart from 1 of the time hacks on day 3 (and even that can be conceptually applied to a number of non parenting situations), this is still 100% for you. 

The good news is, whatever you situation, your pressures are your opportunities to get to the deepest root of who you are and how you experience the world. Discomfort is a gift when you understand what to do with it and how to transform it.


What got you here won't get you there.

This is not another time management course (there are enough of those out there already aren’t there?).

You’ve already seen the countless books, experts and programs talking about habits, discipline strategies and mindfulness. You already know they aren't enough. Why?

Because they are working at the level of logic, strategy and reason—the conscious mind—when in fact, our memories, emotions and behaviors are operating at the level of the unconscious mind. 

This 5 day masterclass will show you how to address your problems at the level they operate—the unconscious mind—and give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to transform your relationships and sense of self so you can be the kind of person you want, enjoy the life you create and inspire your kids by example.

Over 5 sessions we will take you through the deeper drivers that motivate the choices you make about how you spend your time and the responses you have once you do, while giving you tactics to start making changes right away.  

You will learn by doing so come prepared to engage fully with the material and the activities. 


We originally delivered this live to parents who were struggling with overwhelm and crazy busy-ness, and we speak directly to them throughout.

What You'll Learn Each Day


The Fundamentals of Transformation


What 'Balanced' really looks like. The transformative power of Cause & Effect. Tools for tackling overwhelm. Make life your masterpiece.


What You're Missing


Your real Values. What's driving your behavior that you didn't see. Live coaching. 


Take Action Day


 3 Time Hacks that Changed my life. Get clarity on what's got to change. Start making choices. 


Stop. Start. Stuck.


What you need to know about the unconscious mind. ​ Declare changes & get support.

Live coaching. 


Map Your Future


Personal transformation flywheel. Hypnotic techniques to create a new future. Plot your next steps.

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